aural pleasures
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Home site history

January 2014  

added some photographs

September 2013  

Site relaunched

Added a Cellular Automaton Video

February 2003  

added a vintage text-only computer game: Camel
(needs java-plugin)

September 2002  

added a killing-time item: test your superstition

August 2002  
added some links.

July 2002  

added one audio mp3-track: aural pleasures

added some graphics: cellular growings

March 2002  

Site relaunched:

smalltalk presents kraut house, low-fi techno and electronic music

added two audio mp3-tracks: aural pleasures
added a link page

removed two tracks:
obeyer alliance - 4'14" 4 MB .mp3 preview
burning of the heretics - 2'47'' 5 MB .mp3 preview

December 2001  
    added a tool: anagram 0.1

June 2000  
added speculation about Principles of Intelligence
added site history

March 2000  
Site online:

superuser presents

techno music mp3-files: aural pleasures
a delay-time calculator: tools
miscellaneous entertainment: killing time