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eternal truth  

  The difference between life and machine  
Machines don't run for their lives, they won't even run any faster when in danger.


An implication of the Bell Curve
gaussian mean distribution
  Statistically spoken, half of all people are smaller than the average person. Also, half of all people are more dumb than average.  
Gaussian mean distribution
wild speculation  

  Principles of Intelligence hotu

If we know where to search, we will find.
If we ask the right questions, we will get useful answers.
If we remember the answers, we will begin to understand.
If we have enough answers for statistics, we gain asurance.
If we are sure, we can make predictions.
If we can make predictions, we know where to search.

We won't have enough time to search for all everywhere.
We can never search infinitely accurate.
Our questions will be misunderstood or distorted.
We will only get an answer, if we pay enough.
The answer might be misunderstood or distorted.
We can't remember all and everything.
We can't remember all and everything at once.
Statistics is no prove as long as we don't know all.

test your superstition  
The Age of Enlightment has still not reached every corner of the world nor every corner of peoples minds.

This test will strain your intellect and might hurt your religious feelings.

Proceed at your on risk. No responsibility taken.


assorted koans

For classic and contemporary collections of koans see the links-page.


Seong Am Eon calling his own master
Old Master Seong called out every day: "Master!"
Then he answered: "Yes, sir."

And after that he added: "Become clear."
Again he answered: "Yes, sir."

"And after that", he continued, "do not be deceived by others."
"Yes, sir", he answered, "yes, sir."
  What really counts

A fellow Master challenged Mummu, "Count from 1 to 10".
Mummu replied: "1, 10".
The fellow Master said, "The end does not justify the means."
Mummu replied: "It was your means, so it was my end".

Later, the fellow Master returned and challenged Mummu once again, "Count from 1 to 10, in decimal."
Mummu replied, "1, 4, 7, 9, 3, 2, 8, 5, 6, 10".
The Master said, "But your means do not justify the end".
And Mummu replied, "It was your end, so it was my means".

The fellow Master returned a while later and challenged Mummu saying, "Count from 1 to 10, in decimal, in order".
Mummu hit the fellow Master with a large stick.

The Master replied, "Good, but you failed to reach 10".
And Mummu replied, "The universe knows what counts".
What is a koan ?

A Vintage Computer Game  

Ride through the desert with your camel and try to survive.
It ain't that easy.

Text-only game, needs java.

aural pleasures
killing time