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  Anagram 0.1 - Help File  

What it is for

This tool produces anagrams. It might help you in finding fancy new words for fancy new gadgets.

It calculates all possible permutations of the letters of a given word. The output can be save to a text-file.

How it is done

Input a word and click run.

If ther are too many results to be allocated in RAM, you may write the output direct to disk by checking the Dont-use-RAM-Box.


You may filter the permutated words, to omit useless word.

Filter Criteria are:

similar vowels (door)
similar consonates (cattle)
different vowels (queue)
different consonates (omsk)

You may also exclude double entries (abba). This is faster, if you do have similar characters.

    Exctract anagram.zip to your drive and run the .exe. No system files are needed, to uninstall just delete all files.
Time Consumption

You are allowed to enter a word with 18 characters, but this is only kidding. Computation will not be finished, before your life-cycle ends.

Worse case: all characters are different

Anagram Input N. of characters Runtime
abcdefgh 8 12 s
abcdefghi 9 1 m 50 s
abdcefghij 10 17 m 20s
abdcefghijklmnop 16 190 y (estimated)

Good case: most characters are equal

Anagram Input N. of characters Runtime
abcdeabc 8 3 s
abcdeabcd 9 7 s
abcdeabcde 10 35s
abcdeabcdea 11 2 m 9 s
abcdeabcdeabcde 16 2 d 9 h (estimated)

This is freeware. You may copy and share as you like, but be shure to include this help file.  
Legal Disclaimer
I claim nothing and will deny anything.
For updates, suggestions or criticism go to
One Last Word
If you are only interested in anagrams made of existing words, there are faster algorithms than this one. Here are some links, focusing on this approach.

Internet Anagram Server

Larry Brash's Anagram Website

Martin's Java Applet Anagram Generator http://freespace.virgin.net/martin.mamo/fanagram.html
aural pleasures
killing time